Community Beer Works is, like the human body, comprised of a variety of differing components. Also like a body, the whole couldn’t survive without each of its parts. Unlike a body, none of us are a spleen or single celled. (And also, for the record, we’re fairly certain none of us are cabbages)

The owners

Ethan Cox

ethanPresident and Main Instigator

Ethan is one of the founders of CBW, and works as President & chief instigator. He has a long-standing passion for beer and brewing, sparked largely in the mid-1990’s Boston of Sam Adams, Pete’s Wicked Ale, and Catamount. He has been a homebrewer for over 10 years, and has won a few awards along the way, though he doesn’t really compete that much. He is also certified as a homebrewing judge through the BJCP program. In a similar vein, he is accredited in the Cicerone(r) program, at the Certified level.

Along with fellow CBWer Dan Conley, Ethan began writing about beer online at before CBW opened. He believes strongly that Buffalo can rebuild its pre-Prohibiton ‘bierkultur,’ which, aside from making awesome beer, is CBW’s mission: we’re here to Embeer Buffalo.

Dan Conley

IMG_8615.JPGWebmaster, Wizard

Dan’s the web nerd of the group, running our blog and social media accounts. He absolutely loves that he’s made a job out of beer and writing, with a dash of coding on top. He lives in constant fear the other owners will realize what a con he’s pulled.

Gregory Patterson-Tanski

Rutherford B. Greg (my favorite picture of the year that isn't of my kids)Architect Extraordinaire

Gregory began homebrewing when his parents bought him a homebrew kit one Christmas long ago. Prior to and since then, he has been visiting breweries, sampling beers, and occasionally investing in them. He met Ethan roughly 10 years ago when they both lived in the same apartment building in downtown Buffalo.

Having 17 years working in the field of architecture, both here in Buffalo and NYC, he is the building expert of the group. He also has a community activist side, volunteering his spare time to various organizations and boards, bettering the Queen City of the Lakes.

The employees