What is Community Beer Works all about?

Community Beer Works is a nanobrewery in Buffalo, NY. Our goal is to produce high quality craft beer for Buffalo and the surrounding region. It was started by a group of friends with a love of beer and our hometown.

Where can I get your beer?

We are always on tap at: Allen St Hardware (usually The Whale); Black Rock Kitchen & Bar; The Black Sheep; Blue Monk; Brick Oven Bistro; Canalside Kiosk; Carmello’s in Lewiston; Cole’s; Colter Bay (usually Frank); Consumer’s; Duff’s (Eastern Hill Mall); Electric Avenue; Elm Street Bakery; HandleBar; Hot Mama’s Canteen; Hydraulic Hearth; Lenox Grille; Liberty Hound; McGarretts; Merge; Mister Goodbar; Mohawk Place; Oshun; Osteria 166; Panos; Salumeria Belsito; Sweet_ness 7; Tappo (Frank); Tulley’s (Niagara Falls Boulevard).

We are periodically on tap at: Adam Mickiewicz Library; Alternative Brews; Aurora Brew Works; Brennan’s; Buffalo Proper; Calhoons Pub; Fat Bobs; Griffon Pub (both locations); Mes Que; Pizza Plant (Transit); Premier Gourmet; Remington Tavern; Shango; Taste of Siam; Village Beer Merchant (Elmwood); Village Beer Merchant (Hertel); Workd of Beer (Galleria Mall)

We also have retail sales at the brewery.

Where are you located?

We’ve set up shop at 15 Lafayette Avenue (across from Santasiero’s).

When are you open?

Check our events calendar on the right! We also post event details to Facebook/Twitter.

How much does your beer cost?

Our standard pricing (excluding higher gravity and some specialty beers):

  • 64 oz growler fills are $12 (plus $4 if you need a growler).
  • 32 oz growler fills are $7 (plus $3 if you need a growler).
  • Glasses of beer are $5.

1/6 bbl kegs are $90 (plus $30 deposit), but send us an email to check on availability/logistics. We prefer you have your own keg, but if you’re having an event and want to rent one from us we can potentially work something out.

If you’re using your own keg, you’ll need to drop it off ahead of time so we can fill it during our regular keg transfers. We can work out the timing when you contact us. 

If you have your own 1/4 or 1/2 bbl keg we’ll fill it for you, but we don’t rent out kegs of those sizes. Pricing is $120 for 1/4 bbl and $200 for 1/2 bbl, and please email us to check availability. 

You sell beer by the glass now?

Heck yeah we do.

How long will a growler last?

If it’s properly refrigerated and you don’t open it, at least a week. Once you open it, try to drink it within a day or two.

How do I clean a growler?

Rinse it out, then add a little dish soap and water and shake. Make sure you rinse all the soap out and you’re good to go.

Awesome. Need any help?

Not right now, but that day will come. Thanks for asking!

What about gluten free beer?

This is actually something we’ve gotten quite a few questions about. We don’t have any plans to offer a gluten free beer, but we also don’t have any plans to never offer a gluten free beer, drinking our tasty tasty beverages in front of people with celiac disease while cackling maniacally. Any maniacal cackling in front of people with celiac disease is strictly coincidence. We cackle a lot.

I grow hops. Do you want them?


There are two main things we need to be able to use your hops:

  1. They needed to be assayed and from a company with a tax id
  2. They need to be pelletized

That last one is a kicker, we know!