Embeer Buffalo! is the slogan of Community Beer Works. Our motto. Our battle cry. But what does it mean?

[em-beer] v.
1. To imbue with beer.
2. To enrich with beer.
3. To add beer, or the thought of beer, where none exists.

We’ve made it up, of course. It’s at least a little bit silly. But then, so are we, which is why it’s perfect for us: our mission is to bring beer — great beer — to Buffalo, to help make it a place people name when they think of great beer cities, and we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously while we do it.

In the comic strip Foxtrot, Jason Fox tells his sister, ‘the more math you know, the more math you see.’ We’d like to encourage that, but for beer. Buffalo has the potential to be brimming with beer excitement the way that Portland or Asheville are, and we’re going to do our best to make that happen. We’re going to embeer Buffalo, and we’d like your help in doing so.

For more, see Embeer Buffalo: The elevator pitch.

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