Mar 09
My Embeered Life

The Session #109: Porter

A tad late, Dan admits the burning question he never wants to answer, and eats some tacos.

Nov 11
My Embeered Life

A double feature

Slightly late, this month's Session involves drinking two beers and writing about them. Well shucks, if we have to.

Oct 07
My Embeered Life


As the Session considers dying, Alan asks the question: why do we write about beer?

Sep 09
My Embeered Life

The Session 103: The Hard Stuff

This month Dan sits backwards in a chair and Gets Real, calling out people (but mostly himself) on their crap.

Jun 30
My Embeered Life

The Session #101: Stuff

For this Session Dan talks about all the things that come with beer that you can't drink.