Jul 07
My Embeered Life

Let’s talk about our new location

The secret's out, so let's talk about what this means, when it means, and -- most importantly -- how many coolers I'm going to need to build.

Dec 11

In which the lede is buried

We've got Rosemary's Snow Baby, a spiffy new retail area, and, oh yeah: as of this Saturday we can sell by the pint.

Sep 27

IPA, VBM, GYBE, ZBA and other acronyms

Good afternoon, beer lovers. You do remember that we’re open Thursdays as well as Fridays from 3-7, yes? And that we recently announced that we’ll fill your kegs with beer if you drop them off with some notice? Excellent! Our…

Apr 26

It remains real

Last Friday, you all drank 150 gallons of our beer. Let’s think about that. That is a lot of beer. By 8:30, Mister Goodbar was out of Frank. Dave left in the middle of the event to deliver more kegs to both bars. They’ve been restocked since then, of course. Fresh kegs of each were delivered…

Apr 05

We will be brewing beer for sale this Saturday

And how absolutely cool is that? This morning, Greg sipped a porcelain cup filled with Earl Grey tea. Nibbling on a small cucumber sandwich, he asked, “Is everything finished?” “Yes,”…

Mar 29
The Roadmap to Beer


Sorry for making you wait so long for that. Speaking of waiting: as you may have seen on various social media sites on Monday, we had our state Department of…

Mar 22
The Roadmap to Beer

Which describes how we’re feeling

Every week I wonder to myself what I’m going to write on Thursday. “Surely there won’t be that much to say,” I think, “and I’ll have to write on a non-CBW beer topic.” Those are fun too, of course! Ethan and I used to have a beer blog together and it’s fun to…

Mar 08

The thick of it

Remember last week when I said it would probably be about four weeks until we were selling beer? That was pretty awesome. Right after I took this picture Rudy told me how…

Mar 01

Beer in your face in about four weeks

That about sums it up, doesn’t it? This week’s post is brought to you by Dave. He used the title in an email, and he’s the one who called me last week. “I have something to tell you,” he said, “and you can’t tweet it.” He knows me so well. Had he instead opened with…