Dec 16
My Embeered Life

Drains and the pouring thereunto

Further discussion on the #drainpour hashtag, and whether or not you need to care, or care about caring, or something. We're down the rabbit hole here, people.

May 20
My Embeered Life


Does objectively good beer exist? Should we use the verb "to be"?

Apr 01
My Embeered Life

Writing about writing about writing abo

Happy April 1st! Unlike last year I’m not going to be engaging in any shenanigans: the start of a new month means it’s the Session, the monthly beer bloggery extravaganza. Also because the people at Consumer’s still make fun of me when I go in for having bought Miller High Life.

May 21
My Embeered Life

Quantified beer

It is 1:49 pm and I have taken 1,904 steps*. I have eaten 714 calories so far today. Last night I got five hours and seven minutes of sleep, waking up nine times during the night**. I know these things because I am a tourist in the quantified self movement. I have a Fitbit…

Jan 07
Navel Gazing

Squibs 8

Hello, 2013! One resolution I made for this year is to more frequently contribute to the blog. I’ll be standing-in for Dan a bit too, later this month as he takes a bit of time off to become a dad for the second time. So, expect at least a few Thirsty Thursdays to…

Dec 27

Put a bow on it

Welcome to the last Thirsty Thursday update of 2012! Wow. My finger’s going to have to get used to moving all the way over to the 3. 2013. No sir, I don’t like it. Assuming a plow has come somewhere near your street (on a completely unrelated note thanks to my neighbor for helping…

Jul 05

“The patriotic thing”

This country was built on the backbone of beer. Okay, that’s a tremendous exaggeration. It’s essentially a lie. But, hey, I thought I’d provide a sensationalist quote that could be taken out of context. I mean, Ben Franklin never actually said “Beer is proof god loves us and wants us to be happy”:…

Sep 30
Navel Gazing

Exit Through the Growler Filling Shop

One of the benefits of my Muggle job is that I’m essentially left to my own devices during the day. My two monitors provide enough screen real estate to work and also watch videos (no, really, it actually helps me concentrate). Today I watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, the Banksy documentary about street…

Jul 11

Blogging from the inside

Yeah, I have not posted in awhile. But here I am!  There are just a few things on my mind and well… I have a soapbox, er, blog.  So, getting down to it… The first, really the big point is related to the title.  Before Community Beer Works, there was Beer-O-Vision, the blog…

Mar 04
Navel Gazing

Communing with beer

About a year and a half ago I read the book Fermenting Revolution by Christopher Mark O’Brien. On the whole it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it’d be, but O’Brien did a very good job of conveying what I’ve come to call communing with beer. Most nights I’ll have a beer with…