My Embeered Life

Every Tuesday Dan talks about beer in a more broad sense: what he’s been drinking, what he does while he’s doing it and anything else that strikes his fancy. Sometimes it’s part of an ongoing theme and others it’s simply what he decided to tackle this week. While Thirsty Thursday covers our news, My Embeered Life is an arts & culture blog.

Pumpkin, revisited by

Uh oh. Dan’s being uncool again.

Le Terroir, in tandem by

Look at that cute mug. And also Brian.

One beer, two writers, two blog posts. The Law of Fives is proven once again.

I asked for a landscape picture and this is what he sent me.

Fun fact: we misspell his name on purpose so frequently I have sometimes forgotten the correct way.

Switchel by


In what is probably only the second My Embeered Life post in three-and-a-half years about not drinking beer, let’s drink something else instead!

Dan actually… homebrewed? Is that allowed?


The dark middle chapter of the Brett trilogy? …no. Not dark. Blueberry, though.

A celebratory beer by


It’s time for some self indulgent beer wankery!


For our last book (for now!) we look into the history and legacy of homebrewing.

Ethan, mid-instigate

It’s been quite a few years, so let’s get reacquainted with the folks behind the beer!

This week: learn how to make beer! Everything you need to know, minus one or two or every thing.