Sep 21
My Embeered Life

Le Terroir, in tandem

One beer, two writers, two blog posts. The Law of Fives is proven once again.

Sep 07
My Embeered Life


In what is probably only the second My Embeered Life post in three-and-a-half years about not drinking beer, let's drink something else instead!

Aug 24
My Embeered Life

Little Boy Brett x Dan

The dark middle chapter of the Brett trilogy? Not dark. Blueberry, though.

Aug 10
My Embeered Life

A celebratory beer

It's time for some self indulgent beer wankery!

Jul 27
My Embeered Life

Profiles in CBW: Ethan Cox

It's been quite a few years, so let's get reacquainted with the folks behind the beer!