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I title this image, "Four people working, and Dan"

CBW in the spotlight


I thought that things couldn’t get much busier than they were last week. I was wrong! This weekend CBW took up drill and saw and set out to turn an empty space in our brewery into a walk in cooler. It took four days, help from five people (our eternal gratitude goes out to Ed, PJ, […]

Squibs 4


!) I said this would be sporadic.  I did not lie. 1) Well, the “OMG That Was A Big Freakin Deal” conference that hit ol’ Buffalo last month is really over and done now, though the chatter and back-patting continues.  I mean, I am talking about it, right? I got to play tour guide for a few […]

The Afternoon “Cheerio!”


Ok, so that’s an in-joke, probably, or not- the title refers to Chris Smith’s lamented column at, The Morning Grumpy.  Like him, I spend probably a little too much time scanning news & views, and it seems perfectly squibbish to rack a few from the fermenter, so to speak, from time to time.  Look, I even […]

Image from the Buffalo Spree



Your intrepid blogger is out of town this week, and probably not even drinking too much beer besides a trip to the Cambridge Brewing Company! A pity, we know. As such, this was either composed via the new 802.11m standard, the m standing for ‘mind,’ it being transcribed entirely via thoughts, or it was written […]

They sure were locavores back then!

CBW: The Update


As we look now towards Christmas, there are as yet two things that must happen before we can file with the TTB (the next step in our quest for global beery domination): Close on 15 Lafayette*, aka CBW HQ Amend our Operating Agreement to include all members of Team CBW Both of these are proceeding […]

In case the media blitz wasn’t enough…


Ethan was on The Late Nick Mendola last night, and if you have a few minutes to spare you should listen to the third clip from the top. Our variance, CBW’s mission, why a nanobrewery and an interesting bit at the end about a future venture await.

The craziest stuff comes up on Google Image Search. This was for 'nanobrewery'

Want some links, this Friday?


Stan Hieronymus, who you really should be reading, wonders what a nanobrewery really means: Portland is hosting a nanobrewery festival, and some of the participants have 7-10 barrel systems. ‘Nanobrewery’ can be seen as somewhat trendy and gimmicky (especially when you do the math vs the max amount of a microbrewery). Despite that, we at […]