Feb 12

The Long Overdue Kickstarter Post, Part Two

Now that I’ve given a brief overview of the state of Kickstarter and what does and doesn’t belong (with the caveat that I am “just zis guy, you know?” and not some sort of business guru), let’s get down to the specifics of our campaign: what we did right and…

Jan 10

The Long Overdue Kickstarter Post, Part One

From November 2 to December 14, 2011, we had a Kickstarter campaign. We raised $17,516 from it. I promised to write a post about what we learned from the project once it was over. I suppose technically that does mean I have until I die to write it, but even so it’s about…

Jul 19

Fracking growlers!

This morning I saw that @BuffaloRach had tweeted to us and Kegworks: What’s the best way to clean a growler? “Great!” I thought. “I can answer it on the blog today!” And then, of course, Kegworks answered first. Thanks, guys. I guess you’re not the winner of Buffalo’s small company Social Madness challenge for…

May 24

730 days of Community Beer Works

Er, 731 days. Thanks, leap year. Exactly two years ago, I went to my friend Ethan’s house. My homebrewing and beer blogging compatriot had an idea that I desperately wanted in on: he wanted to start a brewery. Six of us sat in his basement (with Matt there in spirit) as we discussed the…

Apr 19

See you on the flip side

This will be the last Thirsty Thursday post before you’ve had our beer. Let’s all take a moment to think about that. Oh,…

Mar 08

The thick of it

Remember last week when I said it would probably be about four weeks until we were selling beer? That was pretty awesome. Right after I took this picture Rudy told me how…

Mar 01

Beer in your face in about four weeks

That about sums it up, doesn’t it? This week’s post is brought to you by Dave. He used the title in an email, and he’s the one who called me last week. “I have something to tell you,” he said, “and you can’t tweet it.” He knows me so well. Had he instead opened with…

Feb 16

When? Addendum

I was already to write a post about beer social networks (particularly Pintley vs Untappd), but then so much news happened that, gosh darn it, I just have to post about it instead. Power Last week, I said: We’re getting an upgraded service from National Grid, but first they need to replace the current hole-riddled pole….

Feb 09


Ethan got into this a bit earlier this week, but when writing weekly updates on what’s going on with the brewery it can be easy to forget that “construction is coming along nicely; look, coolers!” is interesting but has no real information on definite dates. This is partly because we don’t know any…

Jan 19

Make it rain!

Now that our Kickstarter has been funded, it’s time to spend lots of money. On cool stuff, though! Firstly Kickstarter. The stickers and coasters are done, and now we’re focusing on the glasses and growlers. They’ll take about a month to produce, so we’ll likely be waiting on them before everything is ready. If you…