How Community Beer Works came to be


The story of Community Beer Works started long ago, well before you or I had first opened our eyes to see the blue sky, or indeed before any person had set foot on the ground on which we now sit. The story begins back in the time when giants walked the earth, digging rivers and […]

The Brew Bash last year

Manifest Destiny


Longtime readers of the CBW blog will know that I tend to go through trends in posting topics. For instance, there was a solid two months in the spring where I didn’t talk about anything but building a walk in cooler. Lately it’s been “We’ll have an expanded capacity soon, I swear, more beer is […]

One of our first meetings

730 days of Community Beer Works


Er, 731 days. Thanks, leap year. Exactly two years ago, I went to my friend Ethan’s house. My homebrewing and beer blogging compatriot had an idea that I desperately wanted in on: he wanted to start a brewery. Six of us sat in his basement (with Matt there in spirit) as we discussed the 10 […]

It's a known fact that the number of ball valves on something is directly proportional to its awesomeness.

We will be brewing beer for sale this Saturday


And how absolutely cool is that? This morning, Greg sipped a porcelain cup filled with Earl Grey tea. Nibbling on a small cucumber sandwich, he asked, “Is everything finished?” “Yes,” the inspector replied. “Everything is in order.” He slid a flat manilla envelope across the table. Greg opened it and glanced inside. “Good,” he murmured. […]

Squibs 4


!) I said this would be sporadic.  I did not lie. 1) Well, the “OMG That Was A Big Freakin Deal” conference that hit ol’ Buffalo last month is really over and done now, though the chatter and back-patting continues.  I mean, I am talking about it, right? I got to play tour guide for a few […]