CBW Words With Friends Invitational

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This is where our mill room, brew stand, etc now sits.

This Monday, the largest ever gathering of the CBW family convened at Santasiero’s. Five owners, three wives, four sons and one daughter managed to take up the entire back room, and we supped on spaghetti, eggplant parmesan, pasta fagioli and other Italian delights. To what purpose? Monday, September 19, 2011 the construction on our brewery […]


I had planned a different post for today. One that was our collective take on a bit of brewing news. And then, as I sat down to write it, I realized that there’s just too much exciting stuff to talk about. I’ll try to do the first “CBW Roundtable” tomorrow — three posts in one […]

Did you enjoy this meal? You could have!

How’s Buffalo Beer Week been treating you? Hopefully you’ve found time to go to at least one of the multiple events being held daily. Either way, the week is still truckin’ ever onward: it doesn’t end until this Sunday, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy great beer. Forget the link to the calendar? We’ve […]


That doesn’t fit the rhythm, I know. And yet I can’t bring myself to care. I was going to talk primarily about how next week is Buffalo Beer Week — and it is, and I will, in a little bit — but then Dave dropped a bomb on us. You see, while not official, today […]

Come on, everybody's thinking it.

Hey again! Didn’t we just do this? It turns out there was just too much news for one week. Firstly: our store now has the new shirt design in stock. It’s the same setup as last time: if you live in or around Buffalo, we can find a way to get a shirt to you. […]

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Image from the Buffalo Spree

Your intrepid blogger is out of town this week, and probably not even drinking too much beer besides a trip to the Cambridge Brewing Company! A pity, we know. As such, this was either composed via the new 802.11m standard, the m standing for ‘mind,’ it being transcribed entirely via thoughts, or it was written […]

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Thanks for the support!

That there was a pun, that was. The big news this week is that the March issue of Buffalo Spree is out, and it’s a beer issue! It’s jam packed with beery goodness, and we’re not just saying that because we’re mentioned a few times. Our mention is at the end of an article on […]

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Mmm. Beer. Good. Yes.

If you keep up with us on both Twitter and Facebook, well, this Thirsty Thursday update may seem a little boring to you. We’re sorry. Here, watch a puppy play in snow in slow motion. (You might want to watch that anyway. It’s really cute.) Let’s start with the time sensitive item: do you want […]


What, just because I didn’t mention it in last week’s Thirsty Thursday post, you think that nothing’s happened? Pshaw! (direct link) We’ve had to say goodbye to a few players already: so thanks to Alex, Rudy and Chris. I hope you had fun! The third round is heating up, with Elizabeth vs Josh underway and […]

May not be entirely accurate

How could we top last week’s delivery of our kettles? After all, they’re big and shiny and awesome. I’ve seen them myself: they are. Oh yes, my pretties. Well, I believe that despite the overwhelming shinyness of last week, we’ve managed to outdo it already; or at least we will by tomorrow. Shortly after the […]