CBW Live!

Want to see us in person? We’ve got all the events, tastings and tap takeovers you could ever desire!

Come drink some great beer at a great local venue!

What are you doing? Not right now, soon. We have some suggestions.


What beer will we have next week? All of it. All the beer.


The details on on third anniversary party, plus some beer to celebrate with in the meantime.


Today: Saison #3 . Tomorrow: cask Duality (Mosaic/El Dorado). Sunday: Kegs & Eggs at Goodbar!

Spreading Intolerance by

Listen, lactose intolerant people, why can't you just open your heart to love?

We’ve got a milk stout, a book signing and, tomorrow, a cask of Duality. Come on down.

Let It Snow by

One more day.

Tomorrow is The Snow Day, which you really must come to. Plus: legislation, books, D&D and oh so much more.

It's Saison #2!

Today: Saison #2. Tomorrow: cask That IPA. Next week: The Snow.

Hoppy New Beer by

You could sit at this table yourself!

These pun-based titles are getting out of hand. We’re sorry. Come to our thing on Saturday.

Christmastime is beer by

The short-lived Duality

It may be Christmas Day, but we’re still here to tell you about all the fun we’ll soon be having.