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Our second anniversary: the beers


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It’s here! Or, well, it will be Saturday at least. Our second anniversary party!

We’ve been teasing the special beers that will be available at Cole’s and Mister Goodbar, but it’s no time to be coy. You want to know what will be where? Let’s do this.



  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • The IPA
  • De Maas
  • Stout Affective Disorder
  • Singularity (Apollo)
  • Mr. Blofeld (ESB)
  • Mister Superfantastisch (berlinerweisse)1
  • IPFrank (cask) (Frank dry hopped like The IPA)
  • Rutherford Brett Haze (our Belgian pale ale with wheat, dosed with brettanomyces)
  • The Snow (2014) (imperial stout)

Mister Goodbar

  • Frank
  • The Whale
  • Singularity (Apollo)
  • Mister Superfantastisch (berlinerweisse)
  • OG Whale (cask) (The Whale dry hopped with simcoe hops, simulating the flameout addition in the original recipe)
  • Heatrays (2013) (barleywine)
  • The Snow (2014) (imperial stout)

What more could you ask for?

We’ll see you Saturday.

  1. Why is Blofeld “Mr.” and Superfantastische “Mister”? Such are the great questions of our time. []

It’s time for some beer


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A singleminded devotion

Yes, it’s true that in recent weeks our “currently on tap” whiteboard has been a little sparse. I mean, we’ve always had Frank, The Whale, The IPA, De Maas and Stout Affective Disorder, but craft beer aficionados are novelty junkies.

You’re in luck! Starting today we have Singularity (Apollo) available for growler fills! The sixth entry in our single hop IPA series, it’s got the same malt bill as its brothers and sisters but uses only the Apollo hop. No word on whether we will be brewing Singularity (Artemis)1 in the future, so there might be some sibling rivalry afoot.

This is not Singularity (Apollo). It's Singularity (Northern Brewer). Get a growler, then compare and contrast!

This is not Singularity (Apollo). It’s Singularity (Northern Brewer). Get a growler, then compare and contrast!

As though that weren’t enough, today we’ll have Mr. Blofeld on tap (although possibly not until 3:30). It’s our ESB — Extra Special Bitter — brewed with the local homebrew clubs. ESBs are the British beers upon which American Pale Ales were based, so expect a drinkable, less hoppy beer that will go with with pretty much anything.

Speaking of new beers…

There’s our anniversary party coming up in two short Saturdays! We’re going to have quite a lot of special beer, so much in fact that it might just be too much for Cole’s and Goodbar. Whatever they don’t buy we’ll have available for growler fills during the month of April.

So far we’ve announced:

This week: Rutherford Brett Haze! You remember dear Rutherford, don’t you? He left us in September, but we cloned him. Injected his Belgian-pale-ale-with-wheat body with brettanomyces yeast. He’s been in a sensory deprivation chamber (colloquially referred to as a “keg”) every since, waiting. Getting funky. Now we release him upon an unsuspecting populace.

The CBW book club: preorders ending Monday

You do want to read Ambitious Brew by Maureen Ogle for our second book club, don’t you? (You do)

And you want to support a local business, right? (You’re reading the blog of a small brewery, so the chances are good)

Well then send me a dang email before Monday, because at the end of the day I’m giving Talking Leaves the contact information for everyone who wants in, and they all get a group buy discount. You want that too, right? (Free money!) Get on it!

  1. although you could drink this while playing spaceship which sounds like a pretty damn awesome time []

Come on by twosies, twosies


The second anniversary

In a little over a month, we’ll have been open for two years.

Wow, right? The time just flies.* It flies even faster when you realize our second anniversary party is not on the 20th itself, or in the few days before or after: April is basically nonstop travel for one of the CBW owners or another, and so we’re pushing it all the way up to Saturday, April 5th. As with each of our April celebrations it’s hosted at the twin quasars of Elmwood beer, Cole’s and Mister Goodbar.

It wouldn’t be a party without a little something special with which to celebrate, now would it? In addition to our usual offerings, last week we announced The Snow, the 2014 vintage of our imperial stout. What’s this week’s revelation?

How about a bit of Mr. Superfantastisch, our berlinerweisse, that we’ve been saving for a special occasion?

There’s more beer to announce — much, much more — but I hope you won’t begrudge me a little pomp and circumstance.

The second book club

ambitiousbrewWe came, we saw, we read The Audacity of Hops. I wrote about it.

Now it’s time to look ahead. Paradoxically, by looking backward. Our second book club will be for what I consider the spiritual prequel to Audacity: Maureen Ogle’s Ambitious Brew.

If you’d like to get in on the group preorder, send me an email and I’ll add you to the list. We’re ordering from Talking Leaves yet again, because a local, independent brewery should partner with a local, independent bookstore, don’t you think?

The second round of the second NIPAC

Well, our second NIPAC, at least. Last year was our first time in the Brewing News‘ National IPA Championship. 128 IPAs entered and were judged head to head in a bracket style competition. Each week we’d face a brewery, the heavyweights of the industry, and each week we’d emerge victorious. Eventually we came in second place, losing to Barley Brown’s Pallet Jack IPA. Which was totally fine, considering Pallet Jack went on to win the IPA gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival.


This year we not only entered The IPA in NIPAC, we also entered The Double IPA in NIIPAC, the National Imperial IPA Championship. So, how’d we do?


Round 1: The IPA faced off against Starr Hill Brewery’s Northern Lights. And… we won!

Round 2: We were up against The Brew Kettle Production Works’ White Rajah. In the battle of the Works… well, we lost.

But, hey: consider that White Rajah went up against Pallet Jack in round four and was defeated. Pallet Jack is still competing, currently against Three Creeks Brewing’s Vacquero IPA in round five. Flying Bison, Gene McCarthy’s, Ithaca, Three Heads and CB Craft Brewers are also out, so sadly there’s no more WNY presence in the competition.

But what about NIIPAC?


Round 1: The Double IPA was up against Elysian Brewing’s Yippee Ki Yay. We won!

Round 2: It was us vs Tamarack Brewing’s Cross Eyed Christmas White IPA. And… we lost.

So, okay, rounds two were not very kind to us. Similarly, CB Craft Brewers, Three Heads and Southern Tier have also been eliminated. There’s a distinct lack of WNY in both facets of the championship!

That’s fine, though! Both of them were fun, and I look forward to entering next year.

* Also consider that as of July I’ll have been blogging weekly for four years! I do so love the sound of my voice.

Seasonal Creep, Beerology and Ambitious Brew


"Creep" - Radiohead (listen )


Last Friday, a day after publishing that week’s Thirsty Thursday post, I showed up at the brewery for my retail shift. After having serenaded you with tales of everywhere we’d be, it turns out we had a surprise:

Seasonal Creep (Saison) is now on tap.

Yes, much like the Singularity series, there is a modifier in parentheses after the name. Does that mean it’s a series? Hm…

This saison is different not only from The Soft Bulletin, 2013′s winter seasonal, but also Green Bottle Saison, last Friday’s cask offering. It’s our ode to Oktoberfests in August, hefeweizens in March. Come down to the brewery and pick up a growler before it becomes temporally appropriate.

Singularity and other fun beers

Singularity (Northern Brewer) is still pouring freely, though of course the question of for how long depends on how many of you fill up your growlers. It’s not near the end yet, but is it near near the end? Only time will tell.

After that? Rudy’s got plans for Singularities, don’t you worry.

The book club ne'er do wells (minus Phil, who had to leave)

The book club ne’er do wells (minus Phil, who had to leave)

Not to mention The Snow, our imperial stout. We made it last year but nobody would blame you if you didn’t know about it: I believe two kegs ever made it into the wild, and it was never on tap for growler fills. It will probably go down in history as the smallest batch we’ve ever made.

But this year: we have more! And where can you first try this deep, rich monstrosity? Why, at our second anniversary party! Admittedly, that’s not until April 5th (at Cole’s and Mister Goodbar, as is the tradition that has been passed down by our elders), so I hope waiting a month won’t be too unbearable.

The CBW Book Club 2: Book Harder

Last night was the gathering to discuss The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli, the first installment in the CBW Book Club. It was fun! An incredible amount of fun, with lively, interesting discussion between great people. By the end we had all decided to do it again:

The next book: Ambitious Brew by Maureen Ogle

The (tentative) date: Wednesday, May 21st

As before: if you’d like to get in on a group order through Talking Leaves, send me an email before Monday the 31st.

(a more extensive recap of the event will be coming Tuesday)

We’ll see you this weekend

No, YOU'RE using a two year old picture

No, YOU’RE using a two year old picture

Or at least I hope we will: it’s Beerology o’clock!

Now, I mean, tickets are sold out (if only somebody had been telling you for weeks to buy them…), but if you’re coming: come say hi! Get some beer! Science it up.

An extensive list of events


See you tonight

That’s right, tonight is the Art of Beer at the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center. Tickets are still available, though you’ve missed out on the advance sales and will have to buy them at the door now (I’ve been telling you to get them for weeks!).

Behold: Singularity (Northern Brewer)!

Behold: Singularity (Northern Brewer)!

We’ll be there, as will a plethora of other local breweries, to serve samples to go with the music, food and artwork on display. I’m really looking forward to it!

And tomorrow

So, you get the workday off before having another great event to get to: our cask takeover at Mister Goodbar. Four casks are getting tapped tomorrow, and they’re gone when they’re gone. So it’s conceivable that you could take Friday off, but by the end of the weekend there might be slim pickings. The beer available:

  • The IPA cask hopped with Citra
  • Espresso Whale
  • Dank Frank (Frank cask hopped with Chinook)
  • Green Bottle Saison (a saison blended with Mr. Superfantastisch, our berlinerweisse)

And the fattest of Tuesdays

That’s right: three whole days off until we coax you out of the house again.

Sterling Place is having a Fat Tuesday party starting at 6. In addition to some great food and a cask of Flying Bison’s Helldiver, they’ll have a few special treats from us:

  • Espresso Whale
  • Sour Cherry Stout
  • Singularity (Northern Brewer)
  • Saison

And next Wednesday

It’s less than one week until the first CBW Book Club, hosted at Mister Goodbat at 7!

The-Audacity-of-HopsMaybe you haven’t finished reading The Audacity of Hops by Tom Acitelli yet. That’s okay. Here’s my dirty secret: I’ve been really busy, and am only about 2/3 of the way done. I’m going to be powering through beforehand, of course! Can’t run a book club discussion not having read the book. But if you only read some of it, that’s completely fine. Don’t forget that this is a beer gathering, and craft beer drinkers are incredibly friendly. Come on down!

Well, up. It’s on the second floor of Goodbar. Come on up.

And Saturday

Huff, huff, huff… I’m getting winded just listing these events!

Next Saturday is Beerology at the Buffalo Museum of Science. Just as the Art of Beer highlights beer’s artful aspects, Beerology is all about its science. In addition to beer tastings there are also talks on the science of beer and homebrewing.

VIP tickets have already sold out, and general admission doubtlessly will as well before Saturday.

And April 5th!

Here’s some advance notice: keep Saturday, April 5th free.

Our second anniversary isn’t until April 20th, but, well, we’re doing things a little earlier this year.

Cole’s. Goodbar. More details in the future.