Mar 19

(Don’t Wanna Be) All By Ryeself

A Belgian single with rye, brewed with the Beer Goddesses, Junkshow, NAH and Sultans? And that's just the beginning!

Sep 11

Putting the beer in Beer Week

We still have some Wet Frank, and have all the juicy details about what beer we'll have for Buffalo Beer Week!

Aug 28
Buffalo Beer Week

Rye, Drafts and… Beer Week!

We announce our Buffalo Beer Week dance card, and then get down to business with our fourth book club.

Oct 08
Buffalo Beer Week

Moderation at the Beer Geek Festival

Buffalo Beer Week is a fun and exciting time to be a beer lover in this city. The events! The festivals! The beer! This excitement was somewhat tempered for me, as the week before I started taking medication that, as a side effect, lowered my alcohol tolerance. “I bet it’s not that bad,” I said,…

Sep 12

The Fantastisch Mister Fox

Surprise! Last Friday, under the metaphorical dark of night, a keg made its way to Blue Monk. There wasn’t much fanfare, which is unusual for us. Usually I shout early and often about any update, but not this time. We played it cool.

Jul 25
Buffalo Beer Week

It’s that time of year

What time, you ask? Why, beer festival time! Next weekend is Belgium Comes to Cooperstown. I’m personally incredibly excited, since I’ve wanted to attend for years now: each year I’d say “Next year!” and, without fail, the next year I’d forget or be busy. “Next year!” I’d say. This year I’m going as a…

Nov 08
Buffalo Beer Week

Well, that was fun!

Buffalo Beer Week 2012 has come and gone, and what a great time it was! Hopefully everyone made it out to at least one or two events, because you certainly had a variety to choose from. Since we last spoke CBW had two events: the beer mob at the Nortel and a beer pairing…