Cold brew, hot music by

Now that Beer Week is done we’re back in the swing of things… like offering hopped cold brew coffee on Sunday and seeing Aqueous next week!

Pumpkin, revisited by

Uh oh. Dan’s being uncool again.

A somber farewell

So many events, so little time.

Beer Week events start… now!

Le Terroir, in tandem by

Look at that cute mug. And also Brian.

One beer, two writers, two blog posts. The Law of Fives is proven once again.

It’s a home opener miracle!

I asked for a landscape picture and this is what he sent me.

Fun fact: we misspell his name on purpose so frequently I have sometimes forgotten the correct way.

Save the dates! by


Can you hear that? It’s the sound of your calendar filling up.

Switchel by


In what is probably only the second My Embeered Life post in three-and-a-half years about not drinking beer, let’s drink something else instead!

Beer is the friendliest business, and we show it by all brewing together once a year.