Ethan Cox

Ethan is one of the founders of CBW, and works as President & chief instigator. He has a long-standing passion for beer and brewing, sparked largely in the mid-1990's Boston of Sam Adams, Pete's Wicked Ale, and Catamount. He has been a homebrewer for over 10 years, and has won a few awards along the way, though he doesn't really compete that much. He is also certified as a homebrewing judge through the BJCP program. In a similar vein, he is accredited in the Cicerone(r) program, at the Certified level.

Along with fellow CBWer Dan Conley, Ethan began writing about beer online at before CBW opened. He believes strongly that Buffalo can rebuild its pre-Prohibiton 'bierkultur,' which, aside from making awesome beer, is CBW's mission: we're here to Embeer Buffalo.

“Limerick” – Bardo Pond (listen ) Without question, I began writing this post on a Thursday. Whether I complete it before the midnight hour remains to be seen. Dan is currently trapsing around a lovely Caribbean island with two names (more on which he will undoubtedly fill you in, upon his return), leaving reliably kinda-just-in-time Me to […]

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“The Lodge” – Ghost Box Orchestra (listen ) Welcome to Squibs: your highly unpredictable yet oddly compelling look into the mind & reading habits of CBW President Ethan Cox. I was considering bi-weekly…. and then, I reconsidered. I like “whenever,” because scarcity = value. But you can at least count on Sunday night releases- I’ll […]

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“Tiny Desk Concert / NPR” – Wilco (listen ) Welcome to CBW Squibs: Your periodic journey into the ridiculous musings of CBW President, Ethan Cox. I’m considering bi-weekly; it’s a comfortable pace for me. But we’ll see- Dan’s so good at this blog-thing, and I have plenty of other hats to wear, after all. What […]

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Just in the nick of time, it’s Bob and David¹ Thirsty Thursday! Dan was nervous that his long strong of timely posting might get a black mark, and indeed, my day was such that I couldn’t find a moment until after my own kids were in bed (ok, and a game of Pokemon with the elder […]

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It’s Thursday: huzzah! I’ll do my best to sound like Dan, but let’s face it: Dan’s the pro on that; I’m a rank amateur. Please bear with me… I just don’t have as much to say about halflings these days besides “Weren’t they just a way for Gary Gygax to get around the Tolkien estate […]

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Hello, 2013! One resolution I made for this year is to more frequently contribute to the blog. I’ll be standing-in for Dan a bit too, later this month as he takes a bit of time off to become a dad for the second time. So, expect at least a few Thirsty Thursdays to adopt my […]

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Growlers! Founders Brewing! Rohall’s Corner! Beer v. Church! Local Beer! Beer Jelly! All this and more (except the “more” part) in Squibs 7.

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Welcome to Squibs: Your sporadic (read: infrequent), Morning Grumpy-styled window into the head of C.B.W. President Ethan Cox. Now available in HiDef!

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Welcome to Squibs 5, the 2012 Tra-la-la edition. I write when the spirit moves me–ok, well, to be perfectly honest, that is a necessary but not sufficient condition.  I also need to have free time and can’t write these on my smartphone, so it’s also critical to have a real computer before me.  It all […]

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!) I said this would be sporadic.  I did not lie. 1) Well, the “OMG That Was A Big Freakin Deal” conference that hit ol’ Buffalo last month is really over and done now, though the chatter and back-patting continues.  I mean, I am talking about it, right? I got to play tour guide for a few […]