Cold brew, hot music by

The beer we have

  • Tap 1: Frank (4.7%)
  • Tap 2: The Whale (5.9%)
  • Tap 3: That IPA (5%)
  • Tap 4: Amazing Larry (4.2%)
  • Tap 5: FestivAle (4.5%)
  • Tap 6: Rutherford B. Haze (5.4%)
  • Tap 7: Make Beer Grape Again (5.6%)
  • Tap 8: Joint Venture (5%)
  • Tap 9: The Other Dunkelroggen (6.7%)
  • Tap 10: Across the Border Porter (6%)


What else we’ve been up to

Next week: Aqueous

Next Thursday and Friday, 10/13-14, Aqueous is throwing a two night CD release party at Iron Works. We love Aqueous. Aqueous loves us. The Whale has become kind of an icon for them, and so we’re excited to be part of this event. Thursday’s show features performances from Natalie Cressman (of Trey Anastasio Band) and Mike Bono, and Friday’s with BIG Something. Tickets are $12 each in advance ($20 for both). Be there. Drink The Whale.


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